PIN PARK Fabryczna, Wrocław

Pin Park is a new development on Fabryczna Street in Wroclaw. The development, consisting of five buildings with a total area of 51,677 square meters, will be built on former industrial sites. The architecture of Pin Park draws on modernism. It is very “technological” in expression. However, it has been processed in accordance with modern sensibilities – a freer composition of the facade has been used, as well as playing with color, for example, by combining contrasting colors – the light planes of the facade transition into dark ones on the convex corners of the development. In the front part of the office building was designed an entrance plaza with elements of small architecture, as well as external stairs (ordinary and escalators) leading to the internal courtyard, located on the second floor. The representative part of the building’s facade was emphasized by the use of greenery and special lighting in the design.

Project stages:

  • concept
  • construction project
  • detailed design
Client Probuild
Year 2016